Dyslexia North East is a group of dedicated volunteers from all walks of life who care passionately about improving the educational opportunities and support for those affected by DYSLEXIA and related conditions such as ADHD and DYSPRAXIA and AUTISM. Our members are parents, carers, health and educational professionals, as well as many others.

What do we Offer?
1) Information, and support for parents and carers of children and adults with dyslexia, or related conditions. Resource Library with books and CDs on Loan.
2) A regular Newsletter and email information about Events and Meetings.
3) An Events programme, including educational meetings, Conferences and Workshops for parents, teachers and health professionals.
4) Workshops can be arranged in Schools for Parents and Children, or Parents and Teachers. Workshops can be arranged in places of Work, Libraries or Colleges.
5) Fun Activities for Children age 10+ and teens to boost their self esteem and cofidence.
5) Dyslexia Screening, Assessment by qualified staff and volunteers.
6) Tuition, IDL scheme, Cogmed memory training course.
7) Adult Group to offer support and arrange speakers to increase awareness and understanding about dyslexia.

Who are we?
Dyslexia North East is a Charity registered with the Charity Commission No: 1129358.
Dyslexia North East is also a Company Limited by Guarantee No: 06707963. Registered in England and Wales.

Who can join?
Anyone who is interested and wants to know more, or needs to have help and support. We welcome helpers and volunteers to come along and join us. We would be glad to hear from you. Please use the email address on our contacts page.

 Parent and Child Workshop with Neil MacKay

Membership is by annual donation and can be completed online and costs £20 per year (concession £10). Please follow the link to complete the membership form. Alternatively, you can pay with cash when attending meetings, or by cheque sent to "Dyslexia North East" at our registered address. (Adults on low incomes can be given special rates)

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